Vanek Inc.

A family business

We are married with children and love Rock'n Roll!

With daily inspiration from the little ones, our music is fresh, catchy and full of energy and passion.
We are fun, friendly, respectful, well organized and easy to work with.

We combine the recording of real instruments with contemporary production techniques to produce tracks that are well structured and filled with memorable harmonic patterns and riffs.

Along with having degrees within the music field, we both have experince in the studio, as session musicians, performing large capicity gigs, teaching and freelancing. 

We are a bilingual family and record vocals in German and English.

When we write our songs, we like to forget about music theory but rather write tracks from the heart.

​Music is simply what we are...
Shaun and Nina Vanek
  1. Nina and Shaun Vanek
    Nina and Shaun Vanek
  2. Nina Vanek
    Nina Vanek
  3. Shaun Vanek
    Shaun Vanek