Music Licensing 
As dedicated musicians we deliver rock tunes that have heart, 
soul and pizzazz. 
 At Vanek Inc. you will discover a positive attitude, great work ethics, and professionalism, as we are 100% committed to music.  
Recorded with top notch equipment for high end sound quality, we deliver professional exclusive production music from the heart, that suits TV, film, advertisement and video games.
With an eye for detail we deliver our tracks in a fast and precise manner.

Like Nigel Tufnel likes to say:
"This one goes 'til eleven." ​ 
In a crowded market place of aspiring producers , we can deliver above and beyond with both quantity and quality.
We are a family business and music is our passion, therefore we are ready to provide music on an as needed basis.
We specialize in producing music using real instruments,

and are able to track at any instant being that we have multiple studios with 24/7 access.